Local traditions in Tongxiang fascinate foreigners

Thirteen staff writers, photographers and embassy staff from over 10 countries gather for a group photo in Tongxiang city, E

ast China’s Zhejiang province on March 30, 2019.The activity “Discover Tongxiang”, co-organized by the gove

rnment of Tongxiang city and China Daily, was launched Saturday in Tongxiang city, East China’s Zhejiang prov

ince.A group of 13 staff writers, photographers and embassy staff in China from over 10 countries, including the

United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Morocco and

Hungary attended the activity.They experienced traditions of Qingming Festival, inspected beautiful rural scen

ery, explored local characteristics and culture, and felt the charm of the city where the modern and traditional coexist.


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