On the North Korean side, the abrupt and disappointing

  end to the Hanoi summit is likely not a deal breaker when it com

es to diplomacy with Washington, but is certainly a major setback, said CNN Intern

ational correspondent Will Ripley, who has visited the country 19 times and interviewed top officials.

  ”Trump-Kim 2.0 was supposed to help both countries build trust, gain respect and d

eepen mutual understanding,” Ripley said. “The fact that North Korean foreign ministry officials fe

lt compelled to hold a rare press conference in the middle of the night in Hanoi shows how strongly they fe

lt their position was grossly misrepresented at the podium by Trump.”

  Both sides dispute how much the other asked for in the closed-door talks, but Ripley said th

at while the North Koreans may have been prepared for a vigorous back-and-forth negotiation, “the

y undoubtedly were shocked by President Trump’s decision to walk out of the talks and cancel a working lunch.”


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