The administration has “yet again decided that America should go

it alone, this time, by paving the way for a dangerous arms race, with costly new weapons,” Senator Ed Markey said in a tweet.

“Withdrawing from the INF nuclear treaty will make the world less safe,” the 72-year-old Democrat added.

Talk of a U.S. withdrawal from the treaty has caused great concern in Europe, w

here the result likely would be a discussion about possible nuclear rearm

ament. Military leaders say that would be the only way to secure a long-term balance of power and deterrence.

“It is important that disarmament and the international arms control architec

ture are put back on the international agenda,” German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas told reporters.

Many experts believe Washington’s exit decision is self-centered and counterp

roductive, putting the whole world in an arms control crisis with the United States seeking to gain more.

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